Garantia is a private non-life insurance company specialising in guaranty insurance and supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. Garantia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taaleri Plc and part of the Taaleri Group. The decision making bodies of Garantia responsible of the company’s administration and operations are its general meeting, Board of Directors and CEO, who is supported by the Executive Committee.

Board of Directors

It is the Board of Directors’ duty to oversee the administration of the company and the appropriate organisation of its operations, and to ensure that control of the company’s accounts and finances is arranged appropriately. The Board of Directors and CEO must manage the company in a professional manner and in accordance with sound and prudent business principles and reliable governance. It is the duty of the Board to advance the interests of the company and its shareholders.

Name and year of birth Role Education
Titta Elomaa, 1967 Chairman M. Sc. (Econ)
Kenneth Kaarnimo, 1963 Deputy Chairman M. Sc. (Econ)
Jorma Timonen, 1961 Member M. Sc. (Econ)
Peter Ramsay, 1967 Member M. Sc. (Econ)
Eija Koskimies, 1958 Member M. Sc. (Econ)

Organisation and Executive Committee

Garantia’s organisation consists of four units, which are Accounts, Legal Affairs, ICT and Finance and Risk Management.

Name and year of birth Role Education
Henrik Allonen, 1983 CEO M. Sc. (Econ)
Timo Lehikoinen, 1964 Director, Accounts LL.M.
Assi Ikonen, 1990 Director, Legal LL.M.
Riku Saastamoinen, 1987 Chief Information Officer M. Sc. (Econ)
Jussi Blomgren, 1993 Chief Financial and Risk Officer M. Sc.