Garantia makes investments and deals happen and enables the accumulation of wealth. Our solutions help our customers to promote sales, secure financing and improve capital efficiency.

Corporates' growth and success are based on timely investments and successful deals. Growth often requires debt or equity financing. We offer our customers many alternative financing channels by guaranteeing pension loans, bank loans and financing from the capital market. Financing can be used for investments, working capital, corporate acquisitions or even for change of generation in a family-owned business. We have also built solutions where our customer can offer to its customers a non-collateral financing solution with our guarantee as part of their services. This is our way of supporting our customers’ business and growth. 

By issuing commercial bonds we support the flexible start of our customers’ projects and secure the completion of projects that are important to their customers. We guarantee the completion of a pipe renovation project in a housing company or the implementation of a public sector motorway, bridge or hospital project. Simultaneously with backing up our own customers’ business, we guarantee that the existing assets of our customer’s business partner either hold their value, increase in value or we help our customer’s partners to acquire totally new assets. This is our way of supporting our customers’ business and taking responsibility for their customers’ assets. 

We promote the wealth of private individuals in Finland. We have so far guaranteed EUR 1.4 billion worth of housing loans for our partner banks. Through our residential mortgage guarantees, tens of thousands of Finns have been able to buy their dream home and start increasing their wealth. 

Our investment guarantees secure the invested assets and help accumulate wealth for investors. 

Commitment to our customers, solid experience in the finance sector and our strong solvency form the basis of our operations and make us a reliable partner for backing up ownership.