Garantia’s Residential Mortgage Guarantee is an excellent choice when the bank requires additional collateral for your mortgage loan. Thanks to the Residential Mortgage Guarantee, you don’t have to seek any third-party collateral from family or friends or accumulate a larger downpayment for your home purchase.

The Residential Mortgage Guarantee is also suitable for you when you already have savings or investments but wish not to liquidate those for your home purchase.

You can apply for the Residential Mortgage Guarantee by simply mentioning about it in your application when you apply for a loan in one of our partner banks listed below. The bank will negotiate the loan and the guarantee with you and will also advise you on the fee and terms of the guarantee.

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Banks usually require a collateral for your entire loan amount. The home that you purchase will qualify as collateral up to 70-75% of its fair value. A guarantee is needed, when the required loan amount of exceeds the collateral value and the borrower does not have additional collateral or savings available to satisfy this need.

By utilising a guarantee, the home buyer can also draw a larger loan and leave any savings and investments untouched for a rainy day.

The mortgage guarantee is a financial guarantee, by which Garantia guarantees the repayment of your loan to the bank, up to the guaranteed amount. Through the guarantee, the bank gets the additional collateral it needs to secure the mortgage loan. The borrower gains the needed extra collateral required to and does not have to seek third-party collateral from family or friends or accumulate a larger downpayment for qualifying for the loan.

Purchasing the mortgage guarantee is easy as it can be done as a part of your standard loan approval process in one of our partner banks. Just ask your bank for the possibility to apply Garantia’s guarantee as a supplementary collateral. The bank will then assess the suitability of the guarantee and will inform you of the terms and fee of the guarantee.

The guarantee fee depends on the value of the home you purchase, and the required guarantee amount. Ask for a quote from one of our partner banks.

Is the mortgage guarantee only available for first-time buyers?

The mortgage guarantee is not limited to first-time buyers, it is also a good choice for buyers willing to purchase their next home.