Rent Guarantees

Garantia’s Rent Guarantee offers landlords and tenants a modern replacement for bank deposits. Garantia provides the landlord a financial guarantee, removing the need to deposit and withdraw cash deposits from the bank. This saves the time and effort of the landlord and the tenant, both at the initiation and the termination phases of the lease.

Garantia’s Rent Guarantee is an easy and efficient solution, that answers the needs of both landlords and tenants. The landlord is able to choose a suitable guaranteed amount, that provides the necessary amount of cover in a problem situation. The tenant can avoid tying up cash that could be used for other purposes such as decorating the new home.

Rent guarantees for companies

Please contact us concerning tailored solutions that are available for covering portfolios of residential, commercial or office real estate.

Commercial property landlords can by the means of signing an insurance contract replace the rent deposits of all their tenants occupying the premises.

For commercial lessees, Garantia is able to underwrite a guarantee limit facility, within which the tenant is able to draw a number of rent guarantees for multiple business locations.

Solutions for tenants

The Rent Guarantee covers the rent payments and other obligations specified in the lease contract. The Rent Guarantee is an alternative for a security deposit, removing common obstacles related to renting. The service does not incur any costs to the landlord.

Please find out more about our services from the following links Vakuus and Takaamo.

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    If you are interested in Garantia's mortgage guarantee, please contact any of the banks listed here.

    Garantia does not sell mortgage guarantees directly to consumers. Instead, the guarantee can only be purchased from the banks that offer it. A bank will in connection with the loan negotiations let you know if your mortgage is eligible for a mortgage guarantee and provide you with information on the terms and pricing of the guarantee.