A guarantee granted by Garantia is a secure collateral for the creditor and suitable for any type of debt financing. We collaborate with all established issuers of credit. Typically our guarantee is used as a security for a pension loan or a bank loan.

The terms and maturity of our guarantee depends on the creditworthiness of the applicant. For an established corporation that meets our credit requirements a counter-collateral is not always a necessity.

Pension loan guarantee

Part of the corporation’s TyEL insurance payments are transferred into a loan fund. Garantia’s guarantee enables companies to utilize their statutory right to make withdrawals from the pension fund.

Pension loan offers a preferred way for diversifying corporation’s financing sources, loan maturities and interest rate linkages. TyEL-loan period is 1-10 years and fixed loan rate offers a built-in protection against rising interest rates without purchasing additional derivatives.

Bank loan guarantee

Garantia is a preferred partner for banks and other financial institutions. Companies with strong financial standing can use Garantia’s guarantee as an alternative to other collateral.

Garantia’s guarantee typically secures 50-100% share of the applied bank loan and is suitable for all types of financing facilities. Ideally Garantia’s guarantee allows corporations to utilize their own collateral more efficiently to cover other possible security needs.

Our guarantee enables larger financing from your preferred banking partner and simplifies the overall loan and collateral transaction. Therefore, it may save you from the trouble of negotiating with several different lenders.

Multi-issuer bond guarantee

Garantia’s Multi-issuer bond provides capital market access for corporations with the benefits of competitive pricing and diversification of funding sources. In addition to multi-issuer arrangements we also offer guarantees for privately placed bonds.

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